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  1. Evening

    I maid an mistake on the last question and mistakenly pushed the submit button while busy with the last part of my answer.

    Here is the last part if I may. – Cease ,modify , control
    – Contain or prevent
    – Eliminate
    – Remedy
    6 EMP’s Sustainable Development
    Precautionary Principle
    Preventative Principle
    Cradle to the grave Responsibility
    Polluter pays.
    Actions 1. Initial reporting of the incident to the authorities Section 30(3)
    2. Containing and minimizing the effects of the incident to the environment, health, safety. Section 30 (4a)
    3. Undertaking clean up procedures. Section 30 (4B)
    4. Remedying the effects of the incident. Section Section (4c)
    5. Assessing the immediate and long term effects of the incident on the environmental health. Section 30 (4D)
    6. Initial evaluation reporting within 14days of the incident. Section 30 (5)

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